EPISODE #0007 :


Can space be the “sea”, the fabric that we maneuver, operate and create in? In this episode we are going to take a look at how we can take advantage of the super energy -The Energy of Space.

Everything is made up of atoms and molecules as well as the building blocks that those two things consists of. Together it all creates a weave of connection that we exist in (our bodies are created by these particles and compounds too!). This weave of particles is in constant connection and communication through electricity, electromagnetism and whatever additional ways that atoms love spending their days with. 


By becoming aware of this energy, we start seeing ourselves as part of the "sea" and we start controlling our own co-creator capacity. If we do/create something over “here”, it will inevitably ripple out in the fabric and effect something over “there”. Some instances the impact has less effect and other times the impact will become a huge long-lasting wave. Individually, we are constantly editing, effecting and subconsciously communicating with others about the larger picture that makes up our reality as a collective.


When we create, design, make something, think, or direct manifestation of an idea - the fabric of Space -  is a very important part of the play doh that we operate with. In this episode we will take a look at some specific examples and exercises while listening to a DJmix that is designed to assist us to open up space and focus. Enjoy and have fun!




1. Falls - 'Fieldwalk' 2. Jason van Wyk - 'Eyes Shut' 3. Oneohtrix Point Never - 'Stress Waves' 4. GERGAZ - 'JONGPADAWAN - U & I' 5. Gaussian Curve   - 'Dancing Rain' 6. Teebs - 'Piano Months' 7. Embee - 'Moons' 8. Dedekind Cut - 'Tahoe' 9. Skee Mask - 'Flyby Vfr' 10. Carlos Niño & Friends  - 'Jupiter Sings (feat. Iasos)' 11. Yak - 'Don Greno' 12. Charza - 'Mesmerize' 13. Bvdub - 'Ember 2' 14. Daniel Avery - 'Visible Gravity'




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